Policy Dialogue in Ukraine

Report on the event in INTA Bulletin

On 20 October Kiev welcomed the International Trademark Association (INTA) round table dedicated to the Protection of IP Rights and Anti-counterfeiting in the Internet. The event was supported by the State Service of Intellectual Property of ...

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Some issues of opposition procedure as to trademarks in Ukraine

Most trademark filing application systems across the globe incorporate some form of opposition procedure, so that third parties can file their opposition against trademark registration. In most countries, a trademark application is published in a Trademarks Journal, and, after the aforesaid publication has been made, is automatically opened to opposition for clearly specified period of time, ...

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TM vs Well-known name: the first rule to remember

Famed names, pseudonym, portraits, images, etc. are often the targets for strong headed applicants who want to use them in the capacity of their own TM. Such right holder is expected to acquire a number of successive achievements: his TM is a known sign, so he is recognizable within the market, so most probably he might receive greater economic benefit. However, not everything in the garden is ...

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