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Defend Your Intellectual Property Rights

Selling or producing counterfeits, brand imitations, piracy, plagiarism, patent infringement and patent trolling cause significant business damage. Effective legal defense of intellectual property rights and interests requires an individualized strategy that is tailored to the type of IP, the goals you wish to achieve, and the circumstances of the infringement.

Our team brings together attorneys-at-law, patent attorneys, technical specialists and IP consultants with many years of expertise solely in the IP. This allows us to offer unique comprehensive solutions and the best strategies to effectively defend our clients' IP rights.
Pre-Trial Dispute Resolution

Pre-trial dispute resolution is an effective tool for protecting violated intellectual property rights, which allows you to optimize the cost of financial and time resources. We will negotiate with the infringer and use all opportunities to resolve the conflict peacefully, including:

  • Analysis of the fact of violation of rights, identifying opportunities and risks of pre-trial dispute resolution, collection of evidence;
  • Drafting and sending a claim to the infringer;
  • Support and negotiation with the infringer until the conflict is fully resolved.


Effective anti-counterfeiting requires a comprehensive approach and strategy in each individual case. We provide a full range of anti-counterfeiting services, including

  • Monitoring violations of intellectual property rights;
  • Preparing the evidence base;
  • Claims work, negotiating with infringers;
  • Protection of rights at Customs;
  • Representation in the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine;
  • Fixing the facts of infringement of rights with subsequent reference to the court or Internal Affairs bodies, etc.

Customs IP Protection

The inclusion of intellectual property objects in the State Customs Register is an additional "lifeline", which ensures the protection of your rights and interests in case of counterfeits export or import by infringers. We provide a full range of Customs IP protection services:

  • Drafting documents for the inclusion of IP objects in the State Customs Register;
  • Full support of the IP objects registration in the State Customs Register process;
  • Representation of clients' in Customs Authorities;
  • Negotiating with infringers;
  • Pre-trial and judicial protection of clients' rights in case of counterfeit discovery at Customs.

Unfair Competition

Unfair competition is unauthorized use of a trade name, trademark, package design, distribution of misleading information, etc. We represent clients in unfair competition disputes: from consulting and market analysis on presence/absence of unfair competition for a given product/service to development and implementation of strategies to stop unfair competition.


We represent clients in trademark, copyright and related rights disputes, patent disputes, domain disputes, unfair competition disputes, and the like. In each case, we develop an individual strategy that depends on the type of IP, the goals you want to achieve and the circumstances of the violation. If you are accused of infringement of intellectual property rights - we will give an objective assessment of the violation, prepare a legal defense strategy and help to defend your interests.

Practice Team

Mariya Ortynska Mariya Ortynska
Managing Partner, Patent and Trademark Attorney, Attorney-at-Law
Oksana Padokh Oksana Padokh
Senior IP Lawyer, Litigation and Enforcement Practice, Attorney-at-Law
Bohdan Tretiakov Bohdan Tretiakov
IP Lawyer, Litigation and Enforcement, Data and Digital Practices
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