12 September 2018

IPSTYLE helped to recognize a number of trademarks of Ukraine’s leading confectionery company as well known

IPStyle helped to recognize a number of trademarks as well known in Ukraine: “РОШЕН”, “ROSHEN”, “КИЇВСЬКИЙ ТОРТ”, “ЗОЛОТИЙ КЛЮЧИК”, “ROSHEN ROSHEN”

IPStyle was approached by the leading confectionery company in Ukraine - Roshen Confectionery Corporation. The company needed legal support of the procedure of recognition of a number of trademarks (TM) as well known.

We started to work on this case by researching the possibility of recognizing each of the TMs as well known in Ukraine. We analyzed and prepared appropriate evidence, confirming the obligatory factors, important for recognition of each TM as well-known.

Recognition of the well-known TM КИЇВСЬКИЙ ТОРТ (Kyiv cake) had its additional features. In particular, the date on which the recognition of TM was claimed well known was the date of the proclamation of Ukraine's independence - 24.08.1991. That is, we faced a task to collect sufficient, appropriate evidence, which confirmed that since the proclamation of independence, TM КИЇВСЬКИЙ ТОРТ had a degree of fame, had its own relevant duration, volume and geographical area of use, value, etc.

IPStyle lawyers carried out fundamental work on the analysis of the company's documentation archive, selection and registration of the evidence base, prepared and submitted relevant applications for recognition of the TM's good reputation, as well as represented the interests of the company at the sessions of the Appeals Chamber.

Thanks to the qualified support and the IPStyle team's deliberate strategy for each trademark, all of them were recognized as well known on the claimed dates, and the confectionery company's interests have been subject to enhanced protection ever since.

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