6 August 2020

IPSTYLE represented the interests of Nova Poshta in the process of the NOVA POSHTA trademark recognition as well-known in Ukraine

Nova Poshta is a leading private sector delivery company in Ukraine. IPStyle was reached by the client with the need to support the process of their major trademark ‘NOVA POSHTA’ recognition as well-known in Ukraine.

To successfully act in the client’s interests, the IPStyle team has conducted a comprehensive analysis of the client’s documentation and activity since the company establishment in 2001. In particular, we investigated the information about TM awareness, recognition and value, duration, volume and geography of its use, promotion and registrations in Ukraine and abroad. An important aspect was also the proper definition of services under the TM, which led to the acquisition of the appropriate reputation by the company.

For us, this [recognition of the trademark as well known] means a real recognition for the efforts we make every day to provide our clients with fast and quality service. Nova Poshta has been operating in Ukraine for 19 years already and we are always in constant search of new solutions, focusing exclusively on customer satisfaction and modern technologies. In addition, the recognition of the trademark as well-known in Ukraine will provide our brand with indefinite legal protection.

— comments Oleksand Bulba, CEO of Nova Poshta

Such projects are especially valuable for the entire IPStyle team. First of all, because of the challenge they pose to us. When the work was at the starting point, there were countless files, folders and archives to analyze, study and build a strategy based on. At the final stage we also produced hundreds of pages of application and volumes of exhibitions (a total of about 4,000 pages of application with exhibitions and explanations). But the effort was well worth it, because everything came together here — the client, whose many years of trust motivates you to the desired result, and the case itself, which requires you to think like a trademark attorney and an attorney-at-law at the same time.

— points out Mariya Ortynska, CEO of IPStyle.

Based on the analysis, IPStyle lawyers together with the client developed a detailed strategy, as well as performed extensive work on the collection and drafting of all necessary documents to confirm the acquisition by the trademark of the well-known status. As a result, ‘NOVA POSHTA’ trademark has been recognized as well-known in Ukraine. The interests of the client as the holder of the well-known trademark are now subject to enhanced legal protection.


Bohdan Tretiakov Bohdan Tretiakov
IP Lawyer, Litigation and Enforcement, Data and Digital Practices
Kateryna Drobysheva Kateryna Drobysheva
Senior IP Lawyer, Head of Brands and Designs, Copyright Management Practices
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