Get Information to Effectively Manage Your IP Assets

Intellectual property is an important business asset that, if properly managed, is one of the key drivers of growth and helps maximize business profits.

Learn the best strategies and tools for effective intellectual property management. We take into account your goals and advise on key issues for your business.
Development of IP Asset Management and Protection Strategy

Any business in the course of its work may acquire or create intellectual property. We can help you transform disparate works and solutions into an IP portfolio, identify new works, select the optimal protection strategy for them, and set up an IP asset management system depending on the product type, goals, budget and process structure.

Taxation in IP

Tax liabilities resulting from the use of intellectual property rights and their scope are influenced by a number of circumstances: the type of IP subject matter on which the legal relationship exists, contractual terms under which rights to the subject matter are transferred, tax rates at which the parties are, etc. We will consult you on taxation of IP, structuring of the taxation process, opportunities for obtaining preferential tax treatment, we will analyze tax liabilities for compliance with tax laws, and also bring contractual provisions on tax liabilities into compliance with legislation.

Strategies for Protecting Trade Secrets and Know-How

When innovations are created, in addition to technical solutions directly protected by patents, companies also produce entirely new and unique technological and administrative processes, working methods and strategies, or other information, which may not always be patentable. To safeguard the uniqueness of the processes and to avoid information leakage, it can be protected by means of a trade secret or know-how (depending on the type of information). We will advise you on the possibilities and strategies for protecting trade secrets and know-how. Our services may also include: identification of subjects, processes and technologies for their inclusion in the list of trade secrets or know-how; drafting documents for the protection of trade secrets or know-how; if necessary, training, manuals and guides for employees and other persons having access to information which is a part of a trade secret or know-how.

Individual Trainings on IP Management

We regularly hold seminars, webinars in an open format for the development of Ukrainian innovative, technological and creative businesses and teams. Taking into account your needs and goals we will develop a tailor-made training program and tell you about the specifics of IP protection, the process of creating intellectual property, intangible assets management, opportunities for commercialization, or other key issues for your business.

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