26 October 2020

IPSTYLE legally secured the functioning of the mobile application

The IPStyle legal team provided full legal support for the client's mobile application.

The client developed the application independently, but at different stages of development involved other IT professionals (for example, to develop the design or versions of the application for different operating systems). Therefore, our task was to properly formalize the relationship between the client and the contractors, as well as to develop all the necessary documentation for the functioning of the application.

In the interest of the client, we have drafted a package of documents:

  • Software development contract (required to secure the transfer (alienation) of intellectual property rights from contractors to the client);
  • Non-disclosure (of confidential information and trade secrets) agreement (intended to be signed with contractors);
  • Privacy policy for the application and site (because the customer's product collected the user's personal data);
  • Terms of use, the license to use the application, and the terms of purchase of a subscription.
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