15 July 2020

IPSTYLE developed a RoadMap for the protection of Ukrainian inventor’s technical solutions

Ukrainian entrepreneur and inventor asked IPStyle to conduct a comprehensive analysis of his intellectual property rights and provide a strategy for further protection.

In connection with the launch of production of the client's innovative device and method and its entry into the international market, we developed a strategy to ensure comprehensive legal protection of its intellectual property rights. Given the fact that the client had already applied for registration of certain IP objects, while preparing the Roadmap, our team:

  1. Audited earlier IP applications filed in the client's name (namely, trademarks, designs, utility models and inventions) as to their sufficiency for the purposes of obtaining legal protection.
  2. Evaluated the actual activities, business goals and products of the client and developed a strategy to ensure the widest possible legal protection of the client's innovative product both in Ukraine and in other countries (for which a separate patenting strategy was created).

Not only have we put most of our skills as patent and TM experts and intellectual property consultants into practice in this case, but we also support the client in the development of a product that we believe will shape the market.

The IPStyle team also continues to manage the client's IP portfolio.

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