28 December 2020

IPSTYLE conducted patent research for a Ukrainian product startup with foreign investment

IPStyle client is a Ukrainian product startup with foreign investment (UAE) engaged in innovative developments.

In the interest of the client, we conducted two patent research studies, namely:

  1. Analytical Patent Study - Patent Landscape on Voice Assistants in the Hospitality Industry
  2. Analytical Patent Study - Patent Landscape on Bone Conduction and Devices Based on Bone Conduction Technology

Research studies included:

  • statistical data on patenting, including key jurisdictions and patent holders;
  • analysis and description of the key technologies, patents (patent applications), on which the main players of the sphere are working;
  • "white spots" in technologies - areas in which patenting is not developed or at a low level;
  • "red spots" (highly competitive technologies);
  • "new technologies" of recent years (technologies that are gaining popularity)
  • information about leaders and outsiders, new market players / technologies;
  • analysis and description of lawsuits; licenses and rights transfers.

The information and data that the client obtained as a result of the patent research will be applied to the scaling of the company's innovation potential.

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