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Protect Data and IP When Developing Digital Products or Working With Marketplaces

Intellectual property in the digital realm must have the same protection as it does offline. This applies to the intellectual property of both developers of websites, mobile applications, computer programs, and those who sell goods on marketplaces (Amazon, Etsy).

In addition to IP protection, developers must take care to protect users' personal data. And when the product is created - check that it is legally ready for release.
Legal Support for IT Product Development

We provide full project support for IT companies, from the analysis of your idea to the launch of the product on the market. What we do:

  • Perform compliance analysis of websites, applications, related documents and processes;
  • Draft the necessary document packages for websites and applications, including Public Offerings, Terms of Use (Terms and Conditions), Upload Terms;
  • Check clients' apps for compliance with app marketplaces rules in the Apple App Store, Google Play Market.

Drafting Contracts in the IT

We draft contracts and other documents to support the IT-sphere, in particular:

  • Agreements for works, services, the subject of which is the creation (development) of code (computer program), design, testing of computer programs;
  • Nondisclosure agreements (NDA), non-competition agreements (NCA) or non-transfer agreements (NSA);
  • Agreements between the authors (rights holders) of the code (computer program) regarding its common use;
  • Software license agreements, including end-user licensing agreements (EULAs);
  • Software supply contracts;
  • Other documents required for websites and applications (Terms of Use, Terms and Conditions, Upload Terms, etc.).

Data Protection

It is crucial for businesses to bring their documents, procedures and policies into compliance with national and international laws on personal data protection. Breaches in this area not only damage the reputation of a business but also incur huge fines. How we can help you:

  • We draft documents on processing and protection of personal data, in particular: privacy policies, IT policies, personal data processing agreements (DPA);
  • Draft internal company documents on the protection of personal data: privacy policy, relevant provisions of employment contracts on personal data, etc;
  • Prepare legal opinions, consultations and audits on compliance with legislation on personal data protection (both national and international);
  • Bring documents in compliance with new requirements on personal data protection of residents in EU countries;
  • Conduct corporate trainings on protection and processing of personal data.

Intellectual Property on Marketplaces

If you already sell or plan to sell original goods on marketplaces (Amazon, Etsy, etc.), it is important to get your intellectual property protection to prevent infringement of your rights. For example, you can get protection for your product design and register your brand name as a trademark. In addition, you need to make sure that you are not infringing the rights of others by selling products on the marketplace. How we can help you:

  • We register intellectual property rights for the purpose of entering the marketplaces;
  • Enroll brands in the Amazon Brand Registry;
  • Protect intellectual property rights on marketplaces.

Legal Support for Diia City Residents

We provide full legal support for Diia City residents — from identifying compliance with entry criteria to drafting gig contracts and filing compliance reports. What we do:

  • provide consultations on the procedure, conditions and benefits of Diia City resident status acquisition;
  • conduct audits to identify compliance with entry criteria of Diia City resident status acquisition;
  • provide support for the process of Diia City resident status acquisition — from the collection and processing of documents to the inclusion in the Diia City residents register;
  • carry out tax structuring of the Diia City resident’s business;
  • draft gig contracts;
  • draft non-disclosure agreements (NDA) and non-competition agreements (NCA);
  • draft or adapt Diia City resident’s internal documents (on trade secrets, on the use of personal data, etc.);
  • draft Convertible Notes;
  • help to draft and submit compliance reports to maintain Diia City resident status.

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