22 September 2021

IPSTYLE developed a roadmap for famous Ukrainian fashion brand’s trademark and design protection

IPSTYLE team conducted a complex audit of the client's trademark and design portfolio and developed intellectual property protection roadmap.

The client of IPSTYLE is a well-known Ukrainian fashion brand. Its collections are presented in stores worldwide: USA, UK, France, Australia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, Norway, Denmark, UAE and Ukraine.

In the interests of the client, the IPSTYLE team conducted comprehensive research of the trademarks, which included:

  • A detailed audit of the brand's trademark portfolio: national and international applications and registrations, with recommendations based on the audit results;
  • Development of a roadmap for obtaining proper and full legal protection, including a list of strategies for trademark registration, cost and time optimization;
  • Development of a customized guide with recommendations for registering new trademarks.

We also developed a comprehensive IP strategy for the client's designs, which included:

  • A detailed audit of all of the brand's major clothing designs to identify the subject matter and develop the right legal protection strategy;
  • Development of a roadmap for registering the models as designs in the client’s countries of interest;
  • Development of a customized guide with the materials and information needed to register future models as designs; and recommendations on when it is appropriate to register new models as designs.

Based on the specifics of the client's business, we selected a customized list of questions to be answered as part of our research.

As a result, the client received a detailed plan and information about the opportunities and risks of their business, that will be applied to expand the legal protection of their intellectual property and maximize the profits from the brand.

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