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For many of the modern businesses that develop software products, create content for themselves or on contract, develop designs, architectural projects, etc., copyright is one of the most important business assets.

To make sure that copyright works to maximize your business profits and does not cause the cost of disputes over the improper transfer of rights or identified infringements, it is important to take care of the right copyright management strategy: protection issues, transfer of rights, licensing, copyright contracts and other key business issues.
Copyright Audit and Management Strategy

Every company creates works protected by copyright in the course of its business, whether it's a computer program, an architectural design, a photo, or a text. ‘By default’, all pecuniary and non-pecuniary rights to works protected by copyright belong to their authors. Therefore, one of the key business tasks for companies that create works protected by copyright for themselves or on the contract is a well-established structure of the transfer of pecuniary rights from the immediate author (a developer, designer, artist, architect) to the company.

With the help of an audit we will identify and structure the existing works, analyze the processes of their creation within the company and by contractors, develop a strategy for the transfer of rights and a general strategy for the management of copyright in the future. In the strategy, we will answer the questions of transfer of rights, taxation, payment of royalties, as well as prepare a package of contracts and other necessary documents, a guide for the establishment of process management.

Copyright Agreements

If the work was created on a contract or jointly by several people, it is important to determine the amount of intellectual property rights that each person will have. The purpose of a Copyright Agreement is to reach an agreement on the key issues:

  • the assignment of intellectual property rights between the parties;
  • the order of use of the work;
  • the order of royalty payments, liability for breach of contractual obligations, etc.
When drafting the agreement, we take into account your goals and needs, the specifics of your business and the subject matter, as well as risks that may arise in the future, to ensure maximum protection and defense of your rights.

Copyright Registration

Despite the fact that copyright arises automatically when a work that qualifies for protection is created and does not require registration, the latter provides a number of advantages. For example, having a Certificate of Registration facilitates the process of proving that you really are the author of the work. This is relevant in case of infringement of your rights, for participation in international exhibitions, making deals on the protected works, etc. For confirmation of authorship, it is enough to provide a Certificate, according to which the right to work is registered. Moreover, the peculiarity of copyright is its extraterritoriality. Once you get copyright registration, for example, in the USA, it can also be used to confirm the status of the pecuniary rights owner in other countries.

We will choose the optimal jurisdiction for copyright registration (Ukraine, USA, China, Poland, etc.) and provide full support of the process until the Certificate is issued.

Assignment and Licensing

Every copyright-protected work reserves exclusive pecuniary rights - to use, allow and prohibit the use of a work. If you want to transfer (assign) pecuniary rights to another person or allow the use of a work (license), it is important that such a process be handled correctly to minimize risks and losses.

We will determine the best option for the proper transfer of rights, licensing of copyright-protected work and optimization of profits from such a transaction. We will provide full support of the process - from determining the proper scope of rights, drafting contracts, to selecting the necessary tools and methods of taxation.

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