13 October 2023

IPSTYLE gets permission to use Italian publisher copyright materials

Intellectual property right disputes are particularly suitable for interest-based negotiations

Negotiations often remain an underrated tool for resolving many disputes that may arise over various intellectual property objects. However, it is worth noting that there is always the option of "finding a common ground between the parties during a potential conflict."

For example, IPSTYLE was contacted by a client who created her own author's courses with the appropriate program and video tutorials. In this regard, the IPSTYLE lawyers were faced with the task of negotiating the right to use the materials of an Italian publisher in the client's video tutorials. It was necessary to obtain consent so that in the future the client could register the copyright for the course and not worry about possible blocking of published videos, in particular on the Youtube channel.

A response from the publisher was received in less than a month and the negotiations were successful. As a result, the required permission was obtained and what's more, the clients were also allowed not to pay any remuneration for the use of the publisher’s materials in their videos in exchange for advertising.

In this case, negotiations were a convenient tool that helped resolve the issue. Of course, the other party may not be open to dialogue, but you can always try to reach an agreement, the main thing is to find win-win options for both parties.


Olha Afonina Olha Afonina
IP Lawyer, Brands and Designs, Copyright Management Practices
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