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Creating and implementing innovation is crucial for a business to stand out from the competition, increase profits, improve its processes, and bring new and improved products to market.

If you have created an innovative technology, you can get a patent for an invention or utility model.

Having patent rights gives you the ability to decide who can and cannot use your technical solutions, increases the position of your business in the market and confirms the innovativeness of your business.
Patent Searches

In order to patent an invention or utility model, it is necessary for the technical solution to have world novelty. Therefore, in order to assess the risks according to this criterion, we conduct patent searches on professional patent databases. As a result of the search, we provide information on published patent applications and granted patents, which describe technical solutions similar to yours, as well as a search report with an overall evaluation of the prior art and relevance of the documents found. Based on the results, you get an opportunity at the initial stage to adjust solutions in case of novelty risks, and we can suggest optimal patenting strategies.

Patenting in Ukraine and Abroad

A patent gives a number of opportunities - from the right to authorize or prohibit the use of an invention (utility model) to the possibility to commercialize your technology, increase the business position in the market and maximize profits. We draft all necessary patent documents (claims, abstract and description) and assist in the process of patenting of inventions and utility models in Ukraine and abroad at all stages.

Assignment and Licensing

One of the ways to commercialize and increase profits from innovations and technical solutions is to transfer (assign) rights or grant licenses under patents. Our team of lawyers will provide full support of the assignment or licensing process: from choosing the best terms of royalties payment to consulting and analysis of tax liabilities, preparation and, if necessary, agreements registration.

Freedom to Operate Searches

FTO search determines whether it is commercially "safe" to use, make, sell goods and technical solutions in selected countries without infringing on the rights of third parties to already patented inventions and utility models. We conduct Freedom to Operate searches separately in each country to take into account the territorial nature of patents. The search will show whether there are any valid patents in a particular territory that can be infringed and, therefore, whether their owners can block your production, prohibit the importation of goods or claim financial compensation.

Audits of Patent Portfolios and (Yet) Unpatented Solutions

With a patent portfolio audit we will analyze the current protection for sufficiency and completeness, make sure there are no gaps in protection, suggest opportunities to eliminate them and systematize the data for better management. We also conduct audits of new technical solutions, on which you are just working, in order to identify the patentable subject matter for the formation of a patent portfolio. Our own staff of technical specialists allows us to find the technical uniqueness of the product and transform ideas into patentable solutions. The main goal of such an audit is to minimize risks and losses to maximize the profit from the innovation.

Patenting Strategies and RoadMaps

We build patenting strategies and roadmaps for businesses that go to market with new products. Read more about why you need an IP strategy and RoadMap here.

Patent Analytics and Competitor Monitoring

To promote your business and maximize your profits, you not only need to be aware of innovations in your field, but also regularly monitor the developments of your competitors. Read more about patent analytics and competitor monitoring here.

Patent Landscape

The patent landscape is research during which we examine published patent applications, issued patents, patent litigation, patent troll activity, information on technology sales, licensing, and the like. Relevant information is overlaid on the right territorial (all countries in the world, EU, US, the Asian region, etc.) and time frame.

Read more about all the opportunities that the patent landscape can provide to develop innovation in your business here.

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