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We know that we can find and develop innovation in every industry.

With Spark it™ services, we will find new growth points for your business and opportunities to drive innovation. Spark it™ provides comprehensive, strategic solutions to protect and advance your IP package.

Tech Minded

Our technical team and access to professional patent and technology databases allow us to anticipate innovation trends, find the technical uniqueness of the client's product and transform ideas into patentable solutions.
Our Spark it™ Services

Patent Landscape

Gain access to the information your competitors do not yet have. Learn about trends and drivers in your industry, key innovations, and the future of the market.
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Patent Analytics and Competitor Monitoring

Learn about the latest innovations of your competitors and industry leaders, research areas of interest of potential customers, investors or partners.
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IP Strategy and RoadMap

Get a detailed intellectual property protection plan when entering the market with new products, new business, or entering new markets.
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Commercialization of Intellectual Property

Your developments, the results of your creative work should work for you. Learn how to maximize profits from your intellectual property.
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Services for Private Investors

Get an IP assessment of the project before you invest in it.
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Tailor-made Trainings on Innovation Protection and Commercialization Strategies

Gain knowledge of intellectual property protection and commercialization to organize effective innovation development and implementation within your team.
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Iryna Ortynska Iryna Ortynska
Partner, Head of Innovation Management Practice
Kateryna Drobysheva Kateryna Drobysheva
Senior IP Lawyer, Head of Brands and Designs, Copyright Management Practices
Oksana Padokh Oksana Padokh
Senior IP Lawyer, Litigation and Enforcement Practice, Attorney-at-Law
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