Oksana Padokh


  • Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Faculty of Law
  • Academy of World Intellectual Property Organization, general course “Intellectual Property”

Language proficiency

Ukrainian, English, Russian.

Oksana Padokh

Attorney-at-Law, Lawyer of the Trademarks and Copyright Department

Sphere of competence

Registration of trademarks according to national and international procedures, searching for similarity and identity of TM, preparing answers to previous refusals and appeals against final refusals to register TM, obtaining permits of inclusion the official name of the state “Ukraine” in the sign, transferring rights and granting licenses on the use of objects of intellectual property rights, the registration of copyright in Ukraine and the United States.


  • member of the Association of Lawyers of Ukraine (AAP)
  • member of the International Trademark Association’s (INTA) Committee for the Protection of Rights (in English – Enforcement Committee)


  • Seminar “Registration of TM abroad” (2017)
  • Seminar “Registration of TM abroad” (2017)
  • IV All-Ukrainian School of IT and Internet Law (2017), topic: “Takedown Notice procedure – how to stop violation of its copyright in the Internet”
  • Festival “Where is the movie – 2017”, the theme: “How to make millions on the film and not break the law”
  • Workshop “Legal Aspects in IT: Protection of Intellectual Property Rights” (2017)
  • Seminar “Legal Aspects in IT: Protection of Intellectual Property Rights” (2017)
  • The workshop “Intellectual Property vs Unfair Competition” (2018)