#Hashtag as a trademark: it rocks, but there are nuances

Creating a post on a social network, a clothing manufacturer, a bank, a business school – and any other company, regardless of their field of activity – use various promotion tools, including hashtags. Popular hashtags are known to help increase engagement, while specialized hashtags help attract potential customers. And it would seem that everything is simple – you are ... more info


Some of IP Subkingdoms in a Nutshell

It’s obvious that trademarks or marks for goods and services (as they are called in the Ukrainian Law) have become extremely popular within individuals and legal entities. The brightest evidence of is keen interest of clients to protect their right to identity and as a result – get profit. Before you decide to address with Patent Attorney, you have certainly faced such terms as ... more info


The Law of Ukraine On the Provision of Food Information to Consumers

How to ensure the food’s marking to make it protectable by IP law and at the same time to comply with the new Legislation? We have evaluated a new Law of Ukraine On the Provision of Food Information to Consumers and prepared analysis in the framework of IP law. Although the IP rights holders have 3 years to adapt the marking of food in accordance with new regulations, we find it important ... more info


PPH procedures for Russian and Eurasian patent applications

In simple terms, Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) are bilateral or multilateral programs which allow: – Patent Offices throughout the world to not double the efforts for examining the same technical decision under patent applications in different jurisdictions; – applicants to save their time and, in most cases, save their budget as well. Russian Patent Office (Rospatent) and Eurasian ... more info


Eurasian Patent Organization in figures

Eurasian Patent Convention was signed on September 9, 1994, by 11 countries, namely: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine. And has entered into force on August 12, 1995. However, the Convention has not been ratified by Georgia and Ukraine and on April 11, 2011, was denounced by Moldova. Currently, there are 8 EAPO member ... more info