Trademark registration in Belarus

To protect your trademrk rights, you should register trademark.
You can register verbal, digital, graphic, three-dimensional signs, color combinations, and also combinations of such signs as a trademark in the Republic of Belarus.
The Applicant of a trademark can be natural person and legal entity.

To file trademark application in Belarus, following information is required:
- power of attorney (simply signed, no notarization legalization is required);
- name and address of the applicant;
- trademark (sign);
- list of goods and services;
- date and number of priority application, country (if there is).
Application should be filed in Russian or Belarus language. We can accompany you with translation for trademark-related documents.

We offer you trademark registration services:
  • filing an application. On this stage you have to choose classes for registration according to your goods or services. Our IP experts will support you with recommendation in order to get maximum protection. As well, we will prepare all required documents;
  • legal support during formal and substantive examination;
  • monitor publication and registration.

  • Well-known trademark in Belarus can be grated only by trademark owner request to the Appeals Board. Legal protection of well-known trademark is valid indefinitely.
    Our experts will provide you legal support on recognition TM as wellknown in Republic of Belarus.