Unfair competition litigation

Unfair competition actions constitutes essential part of our litigation practice. Every day the examples of unfair competition become more obvious which cause unfair competition edge for infringer and damages for manufacturers or service providers.

Unfair competition infringements involve different methods and actions which in most cases may be qualified as:
- unfair use of designations, namely trademarks, trade names, trade dress, advertising materials, printed materials;
- trade dress infringement;
- trade secret infringement;
- comparative advertising;
- false advertising.

Unfair competition cases are under the competence of Antitrust Committee, but unfair competition cases can also be resolved by court.

Hence, either prosecuting or defending unfair competition litigation our lawyers will:
  • advise you on the strategy of your pursue or defense in Antitrust Committee or in court;
  • draw up the unfair competition claim or response on the alleged unfair competition claim and any necessary documents;
  • represent you in Antitrust Committee or in court of any instance.