Copyright litigation

Issues of copyright protection were first issues which affected the system of intellectual property protection. Since then copyright litigation became more and more widespread especially in the age of digital piracy.

Generally copyright litigation are commenced in the state courts (however arbitration and mediation procedures may also be options). And concerning that copyright protection does not require any registration or other formal procedure as compulsory, the preparation of evidences and expert opinion are issues of crucial importance in copyright case.

Copyright cases may extend over wide range of copyrighted works, but most litigations include such works:
  • literary works (any published and digital literary works such as books, articles, novels);
  • literary character or the name of literary work as separate copyrighted works;
  • audiovisual works (films, video clips, teasers etc.);
  • photos;
  • music works;
  • software.

  • Copyright cases may have such subject:
    - copyright infringement (preliminary relieves, court remedies, compensation, profit recovery, damages etc.);
    - infringement of related rights (preliminary relieves, court remedies, compensation, profit recovery, damages etc.);
    - piracy of copyrighted works (digital or material);
    - illegal import of copyrighted works (import without holder's consent);
    - plagiarism;
    - anti-circumvention actions; - issues of fair use (free use) of copyrighted works.

    Hence, either prosecuting or defending litigation our lawyers will:
  • advise you on the strategy of your pursue or defense;
  • draw up the claim / defense and any necessary documents;
  • represent you in court of any instance as well as in arbitration and mediation proceeding.

  • We also understand the objective of copyright holders to protect their works online. And even if the Ukrainian legislation concerning secondary liability of service provider in the Internet is in process of enacting, we know the way how to protect your rights in real time mode.