Patent maintenance in Russian Federation

Patent for invention is valid 20 years from the filing date, for utility model - 10 years from the filing date.
In order to keep a patent in force patent renewal fees (also know as patent maintenance fees) must be made to Russian Patent Office. In case of non-payment of the annual fee for maintaining the patent can be terminated.

Annual fees for invention patent maintenance shall be paid from the third year from the date of filing. The fee for third year and every subsequent year after the date of filing of the application, shall be paid during the previous year.
The first payment of utility model maintence fee shall be submitted to the Office within 4 months from the date of patent publication. Term of payment could be extended for 6 month, thus annual fee is increased by 50 %. Regulations on the payment of fees for maintenance of patents stipulate the exemption from such fees or discounts for certain categories of persons. For more information please contact our experts

In order to timely maintenance of patent, our experts:
  • monitor and control terms of maintenance;
  • send you reminder concerning payment term in advance;
  • prepare all required documents.