Patenting of invention

For technical solution protection in Kazakhtan, you are able to grant patent for invention or utility model. The invention relates to device, process (method) and new use. Your solution should be new, industrially applicable and have inventive step.
According to law novelty and industrial applicability shall be met for utility model. Pay attention, solely device (whole device or its part) can be recognized as utility model.

Law also provides protection for innovation patent. It is issued on applicant’s responsibility in respect of the world novelty and inventive step. Innovative patent is valid for three years from the date of filing of the application with a possible extension, but not more than two years.

You have two options for filing patent application:
- direct application to Kazakh Patent Office. Also you are able to claim priority under the Paris Convention. This option is possible within 12 months from the national application.
- entering into the national phase of PCT within 31 month.

Documents and information required for filing a national patent application:
  • name and address of inventor and applicant (if differs);
  • description of invention or utility model;
  • claim of invention or utility model. No notarization or legalization is required (this document may be submitted to the Patent Office within six months from the application filing date);
  • drawing (if it is necessary for explanation of invention or utility model).

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    The term of protection for utility model is 3 years from the filing date, for invention - 20 years from the filing date.
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