Design registration in Belarus

Industrial design is recognized as artistic or artistic-design solution product that determines its appearance. Design shall meet the requirements of novelty and originality.
Application shall be filed in Belarus Patent Office. The applicant may be a legal entity or individual.

For a design patent following information is required:
1) name and address of author (name and address of applicant if differs from author);
2) set of images, completely describing the appearance of the product;
3) description of the industrial design, including its essential features. The essential features of industrial design includes features that determine the esthetic and (or) ergonomic features of appearance of a product, its shape and configuration, ornament and color combination;
4) power of attorney.

There is no substantive examination for design in Belarus.
Design patent is valid for 10 years from the filing date. This term can be extended, but not more than for five years. Our experts will accompany you with design registration and protection in Belarus.
Our company provides services on patenting designs in Ukraine, Russian Federation, in Kazakhstan as well.