Copyright registration in Russian Federation

Copyright law provides protection for literary works, computer software, databases, musical, works of fine art and architecture, photographic works and their collection etc.

Rights arise by cause of the work’s creation. By general rule, copyright remains in effect throughout the author's lifetime and for 70 years after his death.

Copyright registration is not compulsory, but it will enable you to protect your rights in case of rights infringement.

Copyright registration in Russian Federation is work’s deposition at one of the organizations (for example, Russian Authors Society). Deposition, in fact, means the transfer for storage. It confirms that at the registration time copyright object existed in an objective form.

You are able to protect copyrights by work’s notarization as well. This applies in the case of protection of printed works (text, photographs, printed design projects, music in the form of musical notation, etc.).
Computer programs and databases, integrated circuits can be registered in Rospatent with a certificate of state registration. Application passes only formal examination. Regarding registration is declaratory, the applicant is responsible for the accuracy of the information.

Documents and information required for filing an application for copyright registration in Russian Federation :
  • full name, address and the date of birth of the author(s);
  • full name, address of the Rightholder (if differs from author);
  • a work copy in a material form printed or presented as computer file (if computer programs - in their initial form);
  • power of attorney;
  • in case of computer program’s or database’ registration, program name, the source code (no more than 70 pages), programming languages names which are necessary for its use are required as well.

  • Commonly, term of Copyright registration is 2-3 months.

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