Copyright registration in Belarus

Copyright objects in Belarus are: literary works, computer software, databases, musical compositions with or without words, photographic works, maps, plans, sketches, illustrations and their collection etc.
Copyright arises by virtue of work’s creation. These rights remain in effect throughout the author's lifetime and for 50 years after his death.

Copyright registration is optional, but in case of rights infringement it will enable you to protect your rights. The application for the registration shall be submitted to the National IP Center. Thereby the applicant receives the Certificate of Copyright Registration.

Our experts will accompany you with:
- IP and legal support during copyright registration process;
- drafting and analyzing copyright agreements;
- accompany with copyright agreement registration;
- copyright protection in court or state authorities;
- representing in disputes in case of copyright and related rights infringement.

We recommend you to conduct copyright watching for protection purpose and indication of possible infringment.