What advantages does patent search provide? Types of patent search

Many inventors underestimate patent search, considering that all necessary information for patenting can be found by using web search engines and free online patent databases. Even without taking into account that not always all information is open and its analysis can be demanding, many people do not know about all aims the patent search can help to achieve.

Utility model patent in Russia

Russia is one of those countries, where the utility model can be registered. Under Russian legislation, the exclusive right on the utility model can be granted only under condition of its state registration.

Patent Trolls in Ukraine

Activity of non-practicing entities, usually called patent trolls, is a big problem in many countries. Typically, business of patent trolls is based on earning money using innovative decisions invented by other people. In Ukraine strategy of patent trolls differs from other countries.

Peculiarities of Utility Model Patent Invalidation in Ukraine

A “Utility Model” means a result of intellectual activity of a human being in any field of technology. A product, process, or a new use of a known product or process can be Patented as a Utility Model. For example, such articles as pumps, seals, pharmaceutical compositions, methods of treatment of diseases and ways of informing consumers may be Patented as Utility Models. The number of Utility Model applications is twice as large as applications for inventions in Ukraine.

Patentability of Business Methods in Ukraine

In different countries Patentability of business methods has always been the subject of controversy. Ukraine is not exception of this rule. Patenting business methods offers huge advantages and exerts growing influence on everything. That's why many Ukrainian and foreign applicants try to file Patent applications concerning business methods. In Ukraine most of these applications are denied by Ukrainian Patent Office.