02 APR 2018

Applicants had an official opportunity to accelerate registration process of IP objects since March 2018.

The Russian Patent Office has posted infographics on the website, which provide brief information on this procedure.
For example, to accelerate registration of your trademark it is necessary to first file the application for registration and then to order the trademark search in ALL 45 classes of ICGS (International Classification of Goods and Services).
The search results will be available to the applicant within 10 days. For example, the cost of the search in all 45 classes for a verbal mark is 94,400 rubles ($ 1,700). After the search has been done, the applicant can request an accelerated examination of his application. The decision on registration is promised to be given within 2 months after conducting this procedure.
Furthermore, you should remember that after paying $1,700 for the search the applicant is not exempted from obligatory official fees. In addition, it’s possible that a similar trademark may be identified in the search process. In this case, no refund is provided.
In order to avoid situations like this, the cheapest and more reliable way of action is to conduct a search through other sources to ensure that there are no obvious obstacles for registration of your IP objects. The acceleration procedure by ordering a search in the registering authority will be efficient only if such obstacle is not found.