13 FEB 2018

IPStyle has helped an agricultural firm to recognize its TM as well-known in Ukraine

In January 2018, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine approved the decision of the Appeals Сhamber of Ministry of November 1, 2017, on the recognition of the mark for goods and services "ERIDON" as well-known in Ukraine.

Firm “Eridon” was founded in 1993 and it became the leading company in the sphere of resourcing of agro-industrial complex of Ukraine. It is the official distributor of a number of the world's largest manufacturers of plant protection products, fertilizer and seed producers in Ukraine.

Eridon has a developed warehouse and logistics network of representative offices in all regions of Ukraine, as well as its own production facilities.

According to the results of research, analysis and evaluation of the documents and materials provided by the applicant, the Board of the Appeals Chamber decided to recognize the sign "ERIDON" as well-known in Ukraine regarding the services of the 35th class of the ICTU, as at February 1, 2012.

Preparation of documents and representation of the firm's interests to the Appeals Chamber were carried out by IPStyle’s specialists under the leadership of Managing Partner Maria Ortynska.