27 NOV 2017

IPStyle has helped the Ukrainian inventor to get a patent on new technology

In October 2017 the State Enterprise "Ukrainian Institute of intellectual property" (Ukrpatent) registered rights to the patent, which describes a new method of reducing noise on digital images. The preparation of the description of the patent application and the filing of the application were provided by experts of IPStyle Patent Law Company.

In 2015, the company IPStyle came inventor, the Candidate of Sciences, with a question about getting a patent for a new technology of digital image processing.

The IPStyle’s technical experts made detailed review and examination of the inventor’s proposals and provided patent searches in databases. It was concluded that the developed technology is new and really allows you to get a quality result in the elimination of noise in digital images without degradation of image quality.

The application was particularly difficult due using a computer program for implementetion of technology. The thing is a computer program could not be recognized as an object of the invention.

However, as a result of joint work with the inventor, IPStyle’s experts prepared the application for obtaining a patent.

2 years after registering the application, Ukrpatent took the decision to grant a patent to the inventor.

The project was implemented under the leadership of Iryna Ortynska, Partner and Head of Department of Inventions and Utility models of IPStyle.