30 MAY 2017

Russian "Baltika" fights against a clone in China

Russian brewing company "Baltika" is trying to achieve the cancellation of registration of the trademark Kuyadom in China. The owner of the brand is a Chinese citizen 2013 received six patents for the visual appearance of the Kuyadom line, almost 100% similar to the design of Baltika products.

"We can not trace the location of the production of this drink, presumably Kuyadom products are produced in China. On the banks indicated that the products imported from Russia to Germany and Denmark", the Russian company said in a statement.

"The actions of the company Kuyadom negatively affect the image of our company and its products, as well as the volume of exports to China. We will do everything possible within our jurisdiction to protect the rights of "Baltika", the director for export sales of Baltika Elena Volgushayeva said.

According to the representative of Russian companies in the Chinese market, the company registered 43 trademarks, 10 of them only for the brand "Baltika".

In July 2016 "Baltika" appealed to the Appeal Board of the patent office of the PRC, but became denial in cancellation of the brand Kuyadom. Now "Baltika" intends to appeal the decision of the patent office of China to court.