25 APR 2017

Ukraine's first Moot Competition on Intellectual Property ended with a brilliant finale

The most prominent industry competitions among students "Moot Court-2017" confirmed their status — participated students demonstrated an unexpected level of knowledge and the winner of the final was defined only after a tie break.

The final of the Moot Competition on Intellectual Property organized by IPStyle Patent Law Company and the UBA Students' League was on 23 April, the World Book and Copyright Day. The day before, the ten best teams following the filing of written memoranda gathered in Kyiv at the Institute of intellectual property for the first oral rounds of the competition.

20 students were given the opportunity to be as close as possible to the real conditions of the trial to demonstrate their knowledge, resourcefulness and speed of reaction to the attacks of the team of the opponent.

In each round the teams had the role of plaintiff or defendant. Before the panel of three judges the team presented their position according to the received plot and tried to neutralize the arguments of the opposite side.

The judges of the contest were 12 leading experts of the market of intellectual property protection in Ukraine:

Victoria Andreytseva, lawyer at ZEO Alliance, Oksana Blazhivska, associate Professor of tntellectual property law faculty of National University of Kyiv, the judge of the Kyiv's Economic court, doctor of law, Alexander Voznyuk, member of the Board of lawyers of Kyiv, Chairman of the Human rights Union of disabled people, Constantine Zerov, assistant Professor of intellectual property law faculty of National University of Kyiv, consultant of Director of Institute of IP, co-founder of the NGO “Club of intellectual property”, Natalia Kisil, Head of Department for research of intellectual property objects in the state enterprise "Information judicial systems" of the State judicial administration of Ukraine, Marina Kornienko, Director of the legal Department of the TV channel STB, Oksana Marchenko, the judge of the Kyiv's Economic court, Mariya Ortynska, Director of IPStyle, lawyer, patent attorney, head of the UAA IP Committee, member of the INTA anti-counterfeiting Committee, member of the AIPLA and AIPPI, Nicolay Potozkiy, Head of Department of protection of the rights and consideration of appeals of the State enterprise "Ukrainian Institute of Intellectual property" (Ukrpatent), doctor of law, Vladyslav Fedorenko, Director of the research center of forensic expertise on intellectual property of Ministry of justice of Ukraine, doctor of legal Sciences, Professor, honored lawyer of Ukraine, Tetyana Chabanets, judicial expert of the research center of judicial examination on intellectual property matters of Ministry of justice of Ukraine, Inna Shatova, Head of Department of legal support of industrial property in State intellectual property service of Ukraine.

The right to participate in the oral rounds became students from five Universities from Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi and Kharkiv.

In total, the competition attracted 44 teams, presenting universities of eight Ukrainian cities.

The final round reached with the same result and only 0.75 points on a 100-point scale ahead of third place the two teams representing one univesity - Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

And in the final the team came up again equally and a panel of judges assigned an additional round.

And only after more than two hours of debate Natalia Badora and Elizaveta Palyvoda from the team Mens Legis became the winners. Their formal coach was Ilarion tomarov.

Second place was given to Anastasia Gomenyuk and Jana Rozoga from the team Cleverin. Jana Rozoga also was awarded as the Best speaker.

Third place and the award for best written memorandum was given to the team Ipso Facto, composed of students of the Institute of international relations of National University of Kyiv Vladislav Glavazkiy and Ekaterina Militzina.

"We really had a hard time determining the winning teams after each round. The jury, composed of professional judges, legal practitioners, many of whom have teaching experience, was impressed with the level of preparation of participating students. Especially considering that the winners study in the third year. This can only inspire us that the market of intellectual property protection in Ukraine has a great future", Mariya Ortynska shared her impressions.

The company IPStyle thanks to all the judges that gave up weekend for a Moot Court, Director of the Institute of intellectual property Vasil Felik for giving premises for competition and co-organizers of the event from the UBA Students' League.

We invite you to the Second Moot Competition on Intellectual Property in 2018, for which preparations have already begun!