10 MAR 2017

The unified trademark in the EEU will be implemented in 2017

The unified trademark of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) could be enact before the end of 2017.

"The decision is taken by Russia and other countries, now go interstate procedures for the approval and adoption of the final decision. The fact that everything is prepared to its implementation, and this year we will fulfill it — that's for sure", Grigory Ivliev, Head of the Rospatent, said.

At present, for the legal protection of TM in the entire Union you need to register in each member state of the EEU individually. Registration procedure for unified TM in the EEU will provide a single application for registration of the trademark in all countries of the EEU.

The member states of EEU are Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.