16 NOV 2016

Cyber security news in Ukraine: recently created Cyber Police closed the second most popular torrent tracker in the world

Although the Cyber Police has been operating in Ukraine for only a year, the results of its activities are impressive. Over the last two months, for instance, it has executed several international and national operations as to detecting and preventing the spreading of illegal content.

Here are the most outstanding cases, which we cannot fail to mention.

  • The international torrent-tracking resource, which was ranked second in popularity all over the world was closed. Besides Ukrainian Cyber Police, the copyright owners as well as the law enforcement agencies around the world, US and UK experts were involved.

  • Сyber Police has recently announced about the elimination of the network of illegal online casinos in Ukraine. The group included 20 people who were mostly the citizens of the Russian Federation and Lithuania. Monthly profit of the organization was astonishing - more than 400 000 euros.

  • One of the largest and most popular online-theaters in Ukraine fs.to was closed by Cyber Police because of its piracy content. The criminal case was initiated due to complaints of rightholders from Motion Picture Association of America and range of Ukrainian companies as well, who claimed about 5 million hrivnas of losses.

  • Even considering it is early to analyse and speak about deal's outcomes, such actions are certainly a move forward. The fight against cybercrimes in the Intellectual property area not only improves the prestige of the country in this sphere, but also refunds hundreds of million hryvnias to the state budget each year. And, of course, one of the main advantages provided by Cyber Police activity is the higher level of Intellectual Property protection in Ukraine.