19 OCT 2016

Mariya Ortynska Gave a Speech at the Two-day WIPO Seminar

October 18-19, Kyiv hosted the seminar for small and medium-sized businesses dedicated to the problems of intellectual Property protection held by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and supported by the State Service of Intellectual Property of Ukraine. Representatives from Azerbaijan, Hungary, Tagikistan, Georgia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine gave their speeches. Mariya Ortynska was among the speakers. The seminar program was highly topical.

Participants discussed a number of issues, including the following:

  • WIPO best current practices intended to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs);

  • Ukraine’s national policy for the development of SMEs;

  • The role of effective IP management amid the development of SMEs marketability on the national and global markets;

  • Collective marketing: adding value to goods through the protection of geographical indications, certification and collective trademarks;

  • IP management and IP audit: business strategies for enterprises;

  • Licensing of IP rights as a basic component of business strategies for SMEs;

  • IP management strategies for enterprises;

  • Methods and tools intended to support SMEs in regard to IP;

  • Current challenges facing SMEs in regard to IP; the development of a range of services to support SMEs;

  • Statutory limits and problems of anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy in Ukraine;

  • Civil and criminal legal remedies: TRIPS Agreement;

  • Protection of trademarks and copyright protection: Latest cases;

  • IP infringements online: the causes;

  • The role of right-holders in ensuring of efficient protection of IP rights and informing the consumers.

  • Is it enough to register a trademark to protect your business? Mariya Ortynska spoke about the role of trademarks and industrial designs in the identification of goods and recognition of certain items among the similar goods by consumers.

    “In many companies, it is considered that TM registration is enough for business protection. However, unlike trademarks, industrial designs protect the visual appearance of products. Since industrial designs are subject to mandatory registration in Ukraine, you should think in advance in order to ensure their protection. Otherwise, your competitors or patent trolls may turn out to be one jump ahead of you. By the way, an industrial design is a favorite instrument and a source of fortune for patent trolls”, commented Mariya Ortynska, CEO at IPStyle Patent and Law Company, Patent Attorney of Ukraine, Attorney-at-Law.