02 AUG 2016

LAWHACK Conference - the Conference for IT business

On July 29, in Odessa, Ukraine, an outstanding event, namely LAWHACK Conference for IT business was held. The experienced lawyers and representatives of well-known IT companies were invited to speak. The main goal of the event was to tell about starting of the own business, development and success in IT sphere. As to their competences, the speakers talked on various issues complexly, covering legal and practical aspects.

Patent and Trademark Attorney Mariya Ortynska dedicated her speech to protection of rights to Intellectual Property. What IP objects are need to be protected in the first turn? What are the peculiarities of securing of rights to technologies in IT sphere? What are the advantages provided by patent? Why it is so important to ensure IP rights before entering of the foreign markets? - Mariya Ortynska has answered many questions.