04 MAY 2016

Workshop 'Peculiarities of conclusion of license agreements, payment of royalty, assignment of rights to objects of Intellectual Property'

On April, 26 Workshop of IPStyle and LIGA:ZAKON was held. The speaker is IPStyle Director, Patent and Trademark Attorney Mariya Ortynska. Among the participants predominantly are the managers and lawyers of companies operating in such fields as Pharmaceutics, IT, Banking, Agriculture, Product Manufacturing, etc.

Mariya talked about regulation of contractual relations in IP sphere, paying attention to the law and tax aspects, and provided real cases from Ukrainian and foreign judicial practice. She covered such essential themes as registration of license agreements, peculiarities of royalty payment, use of public licenses and many others.

'Before making an Intellectual Property assignment agreement, it is important to make sure the rights are to be valid at the moment of signing the agreement. There are also some other important issues. For example, while transferring rights to technical development, it is required to determine whether the object is to be protected as an invention or as a utility model, and to determine the volume of protection. Besides, it is also recommended to check the availability of competitive inventions or utility models on the certain market', - Mariya pointed.