15 APR 2016

Roundtable 'Counterfeit attacks: law enforcement issues within IP protection in criminal court proceedings'

Members of Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA) Committee on IP Law and Advertisement and Committee on Criminal Law and Procedure came together on April, 12 to discuss the most urgent problems in the sphere of counterfeit.

Among the participants were the representatives of Ukrainian law companies including IPStyle Director Mariya Ortynska, representatives of public authorities: judges, investigators, legal experts.

The Roundtable was totally dedicated to protection of Intellectual Property rights in criminal court proceedings. In particular, issues of proof (formation of evidential basis, evidence collection, propriety of evidence, etc.), conducting of pre-trial examination, as well as questions of seizure, confiscation and destruction of counterfeit products and equipment were considered. The participants not only talked about essential issues, but also looked for their solutions and analysed the legal initiatives.