14 APR 2016

On March, 18 Association of Ukrainian Attorneys held V Ukrainian Forum 'Kyiv spring' on Civil Law and Procedure

Forum 'Kyiv spring' became a significant event in the legal field of Ukraine. Ukrainian lawyers were able to discuss actual matters of Civil, Economic, Family and Intellectual Property laws, share their knowledge and exchange the ideas. The speakers reported on such essential topics as registration of rights to real estate, bank fraud, international vectors of business development.

Besides, within the Forum, the attorney's battle on attorney's monopoly took place. The lawyers divided on its opponents and supporters, and had to prove their opinions. Patent attorney and Attorney-at-Law Mariya Ortynska, who attended the Forum, were among the opponents of attorney's monopoly. "Undoubtedly, every person should have a right to professional judicial assistance. However, in practice, attorney's monopoly may turn into restrictions of rights to judicial protection or even cause an increase of rights violations in this sphere".