28 MAR 2016

‘Everything you should know about patenting in Ukraine and abroad’ - the workshop of Mariya Ortynska took place.

IPStyle company held the workshop dedicated to issues of inventions and utility models patenting.

The participants received the opportunity to consider the advantages patent provides for its owner, and the cases, where patenting is a must. Trademark and patent attorney Mariya Ortynska shared her knowledge about particularities of patent claim drafting and patentability criteria. The most actual question was how to obtain the broadest protection for the invention.

“The applicant’s goal should be not just patent obtaining. The patent must ensure the workable protection of rights to invention. While patent documentation drafting, it is better to take the long view, considering third parties possible actions”.
Such IP matters as purposes and advantages of patent search conducting, particularities of patenting international and regional procedures were also discussed. Besides, Mariya talked about differences between patenting of inventions and utility models, software patents and other essential and interesting issues.