12 MAR 2016

Trade Dress Guide in Ukraine by IPStyle Director Mariya Ortynska was published by INTA

The scope of INTA's activities is so diversified: with the help and assistance of its members, INTA expands the list of its resources on trademark practice. Now, with the contribution of Trademark and Patent Attorney Mariya Ortynska, the list was supplied. Trademark practitioners now are able to learn much more in Ukrainian jurisdiction.

It was the challenging task which required in-depth analysis of Ukrainian legislation. The aim was to create a comprehensive and clear picture concerning trade dress regulations, without unnecessary complexities. Every INTA member may become familiar with main options and opportunities of Trade dress protection in the territory of Ukraine by simply exploring the guide.

Trade dress guide embraces various Trade Dress issues including protection of label, wrapper, shape of a product, exterior and interior building design, etc. It also covers Trade Dress licensing, IP rights enforcement and other important aspects.