19 DEC 2015

Participation in III International Forum for the Promotion of Legal Services

On December 16-17, the partners of Ukrainian law firms and firms operating in other countries, lawyers, PR managers and marketing specialists took part in the International Forum to discuss the promotion possibilities in law business.
For 2 days, in a session format, the experts talked about the effective instruments and ways of promotion, planning and business development, sharing with their experience, failures and achievements.

As a member and a partner, IPStyle also participated in the Forum. The Director of IPStyle Mariya Ortynska told her own success story of IPStyle Patent Law Company from the start to nowadays.

“A boutique – is a kind of philosophy for a company, which fits to the IP sphere in a perfect way, - Mariya considers. - However, IP scope is not as narrow as it may seems. In our company we divide IP into following parts: copyright, patenting, trademarks, contract work, consultations, and litigation. Besides, our team includes not only lawyers, but also technical specialists, which we cannot go without”.