21 MAY 2014

The internet-conference “Intellectual security of a company: right decisions for new challenges” will take place on the portal LIGA: ZAKON on May 27, 2014.

The experts of Patent Law Company IPStyle provide a complex consultation on the protection of intellectual property of the company and answer the questions from the participants of the webinar.

The experts plan to consider such issues during the conference:
- What do you need to do to avoid the trap of manipulation around intellectual property rights? And what should you do if you have fallen into the trap?
- The effective ways of the protection of intellectual property of the Ukrainian companies, Ukrainian companies in the foreign countries, foreign companies in Ukraine.
- How to protect The intellectual property of the company in the Internet?
- The objects of intellectual property and their tax optimization.
- Custom protection of objects of intellectual property.
- Audit of objects of intellectual property: when and why is it required?
- Development and introduction of the new strategy of intellectual security of the company according to international practices of the leading companies.

You can ask your question and register for the conference at the homepage today.