14 AUG 2013

Business breakfast «Protection of intellectual property rights abroad. The ways of secure launch of a creation on foreign market» was held.

On August 14, within a course of business breakfasts «Intellectual Property of Company»,that is held by the Patent Law Company IPStyle, took place the second event on the topic «Protection of intellectual property rights abroad. The ways of secure launch of a creation on foreign market».

Business breakfast was held in Kiev restaurant «Vagon» and gathered representatives of big companies, private entrepreneurs and business associations such as American Chamber of Commerce, Council of entrepreneurs affiliated with the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Association of enterprise protection, insurance company «Proksima», pharma company «Pharma», and many other.

Manager partners and lawyers discussed topical issues of intellectual security of companies. Many issues were arised, such as, problem matters of protection of ukrainian products on foreign markets, ways of struggle against infringment production and patent trolls.

Maria Ortynska, the patent attorney of Ukraine, manager partner of Patent Law Company IPStyle, performed as a main speaker. Ms Ortynska explained the participants the ways of getting patents in different jurisdictions. Maria told in details about the Unitary patent, that will operate in the European Union in the nearest future. Such patent shall simplify not only the procedure of registration, but also keeping it in force.

«One of the peculiarities of chineese patent is that it does not have jurisdiction in Hong Kong and Makau. These administrative districts demands particular registration. During the event all participants were able to have a consultation on intellectual property protection, as specialists of Patent Law Company IPStyle has an experience in more than 70 countries in the world.