Iryna Ortynska acknowledged as one of the best authors for Lawyer&Law

Iryna Ortynska, Inventions, utility models and industrial designs Department Partner, is not only technical specialist with specialist education. There are not many people in patenting who have both technical degree and intellectual property experience and degree. This is how she manages to combine two spheres that are so similar and so different at the same time. On June 19th she received an ...

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The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine increases the official fees for IP objects.

Important news for everyone who protects IP rights in Ukraine. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine increases the official fees for IP objects. This affects trademarks, copyright objects, inventions, utility models and industrial designs. All official fees will be increased including filing the application, amendments, trademark certificates renewal and annuity. If you are planning on filing the ...

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IPStyle first event in Dnipro. Patents and trademarks for business.

IPStyle experts Iryna Ortynska and Oksana Padokh performed an event on March 1st in Dnipro. We host events in Ukraine regions to promote intellectual property and educate business representative on these matters. This event was dedicated to trademarks and patents basics. Oksana Padokh, IP lawyer who specializes in trademarks and copyright lectured on most popular questions of trademark ...

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Novelty as an Invention Patentability Criterion

Article of Iryna Ortynska in listing magazine Ukrainian Law Firms 2016. A Handbook for Foreign Clients

The modern economy is driven by technology with thousands of invention patents registered around the world annually. If you want to protect your invention, you need to act quickly and effectively because it might be quite possible that in the same hour a scientist somewhere at the other end of the world invents something similar to ...

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What we need to know about Patenting of Industrial designs in Ukraine?

Ukraine is a member of Paris Convention (1883), Hague Agreement (1960), Locarno Agreement (1968). Patent on an industrial design can be obtained by author of industrial design, employer of the author, successors of the author or author’s employer and other natural persons or legal entities who obtained this right according to the contract.  The object of the industrial design may ...

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