8 December 2023

Global patenting activity soared to new records 

3.46 million patent applications are submitted by innovators from around the world last year, according to WIPO’s annual World Intellectual Property Indicators (WIPI) report.

China, the US, Japan, Republic of Korea and Germany were the countries with the highest numbers of patent filings in 2022. Applicants based in China filed around 1.58 million patent applications in 2022, covering both domestic and foreign jurisdictions. Meantime, patent applications by residents of India grew by 31.6% in 2022, extending the growth unmatched by any other country among the top 10. The WIPI found a substantial rise in patent filings by residents of China and India. So, according to WIPO, these were the main drivers of global growth in 2022.

As for trademarks, there were an estimated 82.5 million active trademark registrations across 152 IP offices globally. An estimated 11.8 million trademark applications covering 15.5 million classes were filed worldwide in 2022. 

The highest volume of filing activity came from applicants based in China with a combined domestic and abroad application class count of around 7.7 million. China is followed by applicants from the United States, Turkey, Germany and India.

Once again, China had by far the highest number of trademark registrations in force in 2022, with a total of almost 42.7 million. It was followed by the US, with 3.1 million registrations in force and India’s nearly 2.9 million.

The research and technology sector attracted the largest filing volumes by applicants seeking trademark protection abroad in 2022, constituting 22% of global reported non-resident trademark filing. It was followed by the health (13%), clothing and accessories (11.9%) and leisure and education (10.9%) sectors. Trademarks relating to business services (10.5%), agriculture (9%) and household equipment (8%) accounted for the next largest shares of the total.

We also have 1.1 million industrial design applications during last year. These applications contained about 1.5 million designs, corresponding to a decrease of 2.1% on 2021.

China applicants were the most active in the industrial design registrations worldwide — 841 164. They were followed by applicants from Turkey — 80 559, Germany — 70 346, the U.S. — 67 349 and the Republic of Korea — 62 014. Together, these top five countries accounted for three-quarter (75.6%) of the global activity in 2022.

The sectors with the biggest shares of the world total are furniture and household goods (17.2%), textiles and accessories (15.6%), tools and machines (12.4%), and electricity and lighting (9.1%). Combined, these four sectors accounted for a majority (54.3%) of all classes recorded globally.

In total there were about 5.8 million active industrial design registrations worldwide in 2022.