Applicant Individuals and legal entities
Registrable Inventions and utility models
Patentability criteria Inventions: novelty, inventive step, industrial applicability

Utility models: novelty, industrial applicability

Objects of invention (utility model) Inventions: product (device, substance, strain of microorganism culture, cells of plants and animals); process (method); new use of a known product or process

Utility models: device

Fee reduction Reduced in case an inventor and an applicant are the same person
Validity of invention (utility model) Inventions: 20 years from the filing date

Utility models: 5 years from the filing date and reneweble within 5 years period

Member of
PCT, Paris Convention, Eurasian Patent Convention
Hard copy of the simply signed POA is required. No notarization or legalization is needed
Patent Attorney Required for non-resident applicants/holders
Customs Patented objects may not be entered into the Customs Register
Language Belarusian or Russian