Plant variety registration in Russian Federation

Plant variety is a special object of intellectual property rights protection. Ministry of Agriculture of Russian Federation is the authority which registrates plant variety rights in State Register. Protection document which certifies intellectual property rights to a plant variety is patent.

Plant variety application passes formal and substantive examination for novelty, distinctness, uniformity and stability. Consider, any interested person within six months from the date of the publication of patent application may submit a petition to the authority for plant variety examination on novelty.

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  • filing plant variety application;
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  • monitor patent registration and publication.

  • Patent for plant variety is valid for 30 years. For grapes, wood decorative, fruit and forest species, including their stocks the period of validity is 35 years.

    Information required for plant variety application:
    - genus and type name;
    - full name and adress of applicant;
    - name of the variety and selection number (the name of a selection of numbers, under which the candidate variety was specified during the selection process);
    - the origin of variety;
    - maintenance and reproduction features;
    - describtion of distinctive features;
    - the method of reproduction, features of cultivation of the variety;
    - information about this sort analogs with a description of manifestations their symptoms (if known).

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