Eurasian patent

If you have decided to grant a patent for invention, you have several options:
  • national applications (protection in selected country);
  • filing an application for a regional system - the Eurasian Patent;
  • protection through the international application under the PCT.

  • Eurasian patent provides only invention protection. It is valid for 20 years on the territory of the Eurasian Patent Convention members (Republic of Belarus, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Armenia. Noticeably that the Republic of Moldova denounced the Eurasian Patent Convention on 26 April 2012, but it recognizes Eurasian patents issued prior to this date).

    Generally, Eurasian patent simplifies and reduces procedure costs for obtaining a patent. Eurasian patent provides one application and one examination. As well applicant is paying only one fee and receiving equal protection in all countries participating in the convention.

    Required documents for Eurasian patent application:
    - request for granting Eurasian patent;
    - description of the Invention (the title of the invention, a specification of the technical field to which the invention relates, indication of the background art);
    - claims;
    - a list of the figures in the drawings and other material (in case they are necessary for the understanding of the invention);
    - abstract.
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