16 JUN 2017

Belarus plans to change the Law on copyright and related rights

The working group of the Council of the Republic of Belarus considers the draft amendments to the Law "On copyright and related rights". This was announced by the Deputy of the House of Representatives of the Council, honored artist of Belarus Irina Dorofeeva.

"Until the final draft of all changes in the law is still far, but the general trend is that the law should become easier, should be improved the articles of the law, which now do not work in practice (law on related rights and private copying), and it should be close to the international legislation in this area as possible", the Deputy said.

The lawmaker emphasized that if the authors of the works somehow protected and they receive contributions, the holders of related rights (performers, producers of phonograms), and often the authors of derivative works (translators, arrangers) are not protected at all.

in the discussion participate not only Mps, but also representatives of broadcasting companies, experts NCIP, as well as experts from Belarus and Russia, which operate with the use of this law.

The draft amendments will be considered at the autumn session of the House of Representatives. If approved it will come into effect roughly from the beginning of 2018.