11 MAY 2017

Rospatent has increased the number of examinations and reduced the time for consideration of applications

The Federal service for intellectual property (Rospatent) has submitted a report of its activities for the first quarter of 2017. The data shows the beginning of a trend for reduction of terms of consideration of applications for objects of intellectual property.

So, the term of consideration of applications for inventions and industrial samples in the first quarter of 2016 made up of 9.75 and 6.7 months, accordingly, while in January-March 2017 those numbers fell to 9.57 and 6.07 months.

The term of consideration of the application for trademark also decreased and amounted to a little less than 10 months, while in 2016 this term was 12 months.

Meanwhile increased the number of trademark applications filed under the national procedure – 15 292 in comparison with 14 398 filings in early 2016.

So, we hope that Rospatent will continue to stick to the course of the reduction of terms of registration of objects of intellectual property.