13 OCT 2016

Mariya Ortynska Gave a Speech at the IV Annual Forum of Legal Advisers

On 12 October, the IV Annual Forum of Legal Advisers was held in Kyiv. Within the Corporate Relations Section, Mariya Ortynska spoke about corporate raiding and told how to avoid buying a pig in a poke during M&A transactions.

“If you buy an existing business, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you acquire all intellectual property rights, including trademarks, patents for inventions and utility models, and industrial designs. In a perfect world, all IP rights belong to one company. However, it is not infrequent that IP rights are registered in the names of different legal entities and individuals, or are not registered at all. Or worse, IP rights haven’t been registered, but are being infringed. Therefore, to be on the safe side, you should conduct an intellectual property audit”, commented Mariya Ortynska, CEO at IPStyle Patent Law Company, Attorney-at-Law, Patent Attorney of Ukraine.

The Annual Forum of Legal Advisers is a special event for chief in-house counsels. After the Forum, an awards ceremony for the winners of TOP 50 List of Legal Departments in Ukraine selected as a result of an independent survey carried out by Juridicheskaya Praktika Publishing is held.